Travel Tips for Yoga Retreat-FAQS

South India (Kerala) - Jan 3rd to 12th  2015

North India Extension- Jan 12th to 17th  2015


Thank you for your interest in our Yoga Retreats.

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions. We hope that these are useful. If you do not find the answers to any specific questions, please email or call 646-675-7351


1.      Can I join these retreats from anywhere in the world?

Yes, you can join the retreat from anywhere in the world.


2. What are the Travel Documents required for entry and exit?

If you are travelling from outside India, a valid passport is required to travel to India   with valid visas for entry. For details on Indian visa, please refer to the website:  Please also ensure you have validity of your passport at least till end of 2015 and that you have valid authorization to re-enter US/Canada/London or any other country, where you want to reach back after the retreat.   


3. What is the time difference in India?

 India time is 10 hours ahead of U.S. (North Eastern, NE) time.

4. What type of Clothes shall I bring?

You may want to pack cool and comfortable clothing. Swimming suits and beachwear are not appreciated off the beach in India. When we visit places of worship, generally women are expected to cover their head or wrap a scarf around their neck. It is preferable to have sweater and layered clothing. Nights could be cooler.


5. What other things do I need to bring?

 Besides all things that you consider necessary for a 10/15 day trip, kindly bring a light weight Yoga mat, one Yoga block (or two blocks, optional), an eye pillow and a strap. Please also get a medium size re-usable eco-friendly water bottle. A journal to write your reflections would also be a good idea.


6. What about money and Credit Cards?

Major international credit cards are widely accepted at all large shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, etc. However consider bringing some cash and /or withdrawing from local ATMs.

7. What are the vaccinations needed to safeguard my health?

 Please consult your PCP for immunizations or vaccinations that are needed when traveling to India. Generally, one pill against Malaria, once a week starting from one week prior to departure, is recommended. Some people prefer to take a daily dose of a pill against Malaria. But your PCP’s advice is the most reliable, depending on your health history.


8. Telephones and Internet:

International direct dial service is widely available throughout India.  Phone cards can be purchased. Some U.S. cell phones will work. Please check your service provider for rates and availability. Internet service is normally available at hotels and many other locations.


9. Tipping:

Tips are generally accepted and appreciated by bellhops and housekeeping in hotels, taxi drivers, tour guides, and other people providing service. Tips are not normally included in bar or restaurant bills although a “service charge” might be. Note - The “service charge” rarely goes to the people who provide the service, so tips are always welcome.


10. Travel Insurance:

Travel insurance is the best way to protect you against any loss. The most useful plan is a comprehensive policy that includes coverage for trip cancellation and interruption, default, trip delay, and medical expenses. If you have a pre-existing condition, make sure you're covered. Please consult your insurance advisor for details.


11. Flights: The detailed itinerary will be provided by Oct 20th, along with the recommended flight for the India retreat. We recommend booking the flight as a group to avail of the discounts. We will be greeted by our Indian party at the airport. If you want to use your frequent flyer miles, and plan to take another airline/flight, please co-ordinate with us.  We will arrange that someone will greet you at the airport. There will be additional fee for such a service.


12. Accommodations: All our 5 Star quality hotel accommodations are with double occupancy. Our hotels planned for various places in retreat are as follows:

3 Nights at Trivandrum: Hotel Uday Samudra:

1 night in A/c 5 Double Deluxe bedrooms Houseboat

3 nights at Munnar:

1 Night at Tekkaddy:

1 Night at Cochin:

North India: 1 Night in Delhi:

 2 Nights in Agra:

2 Night in Jaipur: 

Please note: Due to any contingencies, if the hotel/s shown above are not offered, similar quality equivalents are guaranteed.


13. Meals: Most of the meals will be on the set menu. A combination of Vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices will be almost always available. We will be taking many meals around the places that we are going to visit. We will offer the choices from the most delicious of the Indian cuisines, which are best appreciated by the local communities.


14. Detailed Revised Itinerary:

A detailed revised itinerary will be sent by December 1st for India retreats to those who register. All itineraries are subject to revision, based on the local situations, climate, natural or man-made disaster etc. In case of any contingencies, Dilshad keshwani and her associate’s decisions will be final. Once the payments are made to the hotels, etc (after the last date of signing up the retreat) if due to any contingencies, Dilshad Keshwani cannot attend the retreat, a qualified replacement of teacher will be provided. At all times, safety and harmony of the group will be upheld. We would make the best possible efforts to let this retreat become a life transforming experience.