Program and Travel Tips for Montauk Yoga Retreats

Oct 23rd to 26th 2014


  Thank you for your interest in our Yoga Retreats.

Here are our program and some answers to frequently asked questions. We hope that these are useful.

If you do not find the answers to any specific questions, please email to or call 646-675-7351

1.       How do I travel from New York to Montauk?

Montauk is approx.3 hours distance by train or 2.5 hours by car. Your option is to drive or take a bus or train, LIRR. The fare from Penn Station, New York is $ 19.75 and from Jamaica is $ 17.00 at off peak times.

2.      What type of Clothes shall I bring?

You may want to pack cool and comfortable clothing, swimming suits and beachwear. It is preferable to have sweater and layered clothing. Early mornings and nights could be cooler.

3.      What other things do I need to bring?

Besides all things that you consider necessary for a 3/4 /7 days trip that you are taking, kindly bring a light weight Yoga mat, a Yoga block (or two blocks, optional), an eye pillow and a strap. Please also get a medium size re-usable eco-friendly water bottle. A journal to write your reflections would also be a good idea.

Suggestions for this retreat to consider:

Each room has cooking facility including a small fridge and microwave. You may also consider to prepare your own meals, if you choose to. (For E.g. Taking a decision to restrict intake to steamed vegetables and fresh fruits to detoxify the system, and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit).

Please note: Due to any contingency, if the hotel we planned is not available, similar high quality hotel accommodations will be arranged.

All programs are subject to revision, based on the local situations, climate, natural and/or man-made disasters etc. In all circumstances, Dilshad keshwani and her associatesí decisions will be final. In case of contingencies, if Dilshad Keshwani cannot attend the retreat or cannot teach at the retreat, she will assign a qualified teacher. At all times, we will make every effort to uphold the safety and harmony of the group so that this retreat becomes a life transforming experience.