"I have taken private yoga lessons with Dilshad for more than three years and during that time I have become more flexible, stronger and have greatly improved my balance and posture. The personalized attention, the minor adjustments to poses, targeting specific areas of my body-- all allow me to get so much more from my sessions. Yoga has truly become an integral part of my daily routine to the point that I take short breaks from sitting at my computer during my workday to do energizing or restorative poses. What a gift Iíve been given!" Marilyn.

"For over three years, Dilshad Keshwani has guided me on a weekly basis in private practice combining the traditional poses and spirituality of yoga. Dilshad leads and gently adjusts poses, which has improved my form and strengthened my asanas instilling peace of mind and body". Mary.C.

"Dilshad is the most spiritually connected to the universe teacher I ever met. Her classes are trans-formative and bring clarity and light for enjoying life, every minute. A rejuvenation to the body spirit and mind." Jeanette Richards.

"I had a wonderful time with Dilshad at her retreat in Rajasthan, India. The yoga and sightseeing were amazing! She is a wonderful person and teacher and makes you feel welcomed and comfortable". Kirsten Young

"I have known Dilshad for last 20 years, she has been my teacher for long, back then in India was for the department of education and now in India Yoga retreat 2011. I am very pleased and fortunate to be a part of Kerala Yoga retreat. Every morning and sometimes evenings were very energetic with Yoga practice outdoors, near the pool, on the terrace and indoor made my experience holistic and worthwhile. She is very thorough in her subject and quite experienced in Yoga instruction. I would encourage like minded to have a similar experience in life". Rashida.D.